lifelong learner

I'm a lifelong learner, always on the lookout for ways to up my game and stay ahead of the curve. Networking events, conferences, and keeping up with industry trends? You bet I'm on it.

School? I take classes like it's my day job. Let's face it, the more I know, the better I can strive to be and produce the best.

Hey, I’m Terri White

Making a Difference

 I prefer opportunities to volunteer with organizations that focus on the arts and humanities and urban health issues, but I have volunteered for a variety of causes and non-profits over the years. When we work together to make the world a better place, we all win.

I am all about community service.

former Doctoral student researching deib in the spirits industry


First African-American President and CEO of the Charlotte Museum of History

Stand-Out Moments

 Casually Breaking Barriers and Taking on The World

I also own a distilled spirits company and hope to finish my doctoral research on diversity in the spirits industry some day.

I have no idea where the energy comes from, but hey, all of these endeavors keep me on my toes and help me continue to dominate as a leader in my field.

I am the first African-American President and CEO of the Charlotte Museum of History.

“I don’t do mediocre and I don’t do average. I strive to be the best” 

- Terri L White

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