What they say

I have known Terri for close to two decades, and have recently collaborated with her on a book project. 

“Terri is intelligent, motivated, approachable, and most of all, trustworthy. She inspires me to embrace growth and change, to not take myself too seriously, and to do what comes naturally. I often think of Terri as someone I can rely upon to get the job done - she is a consummate professional. Moreover, her positive attitude and supportive nature during stressful periods is most appreciated. I am positive that Terri will be successful in whatever endeavors she chooses to pursue.”

Dr. Christy A Walker 

Terri is an outstanding professional woman who strives not only to make a difference, but actually does.

“She is bright and committed to whatever she agrees to be engaged in. As a student, she was imaginative and entrepreneurial, always addressing the topic, theme or project with a broad vision and seeking clarity of purpose. She knows that "mission" is the cornerstone of her professional motivation and she remains true to it throughout. I commend her as someone who will make it work as a solo act or as part of a team.”

Richard Kamenitzer